About Red Pencil 

I just really enjoy reading through someone’s work and correcting the errors. It is so satisfying, like the feeling when you clean the bathroom, so good when it’s done!

“Focused and constructive she always has a path and intention that she is working with/on. I have recommended her already to a number of people because I know that they can trust her—to recommend someone is something that is earned and I do not recommend easily”.

—Emm McCartney, New Zealand Home Loans

Leanne Wickham is the founder of Red Pencil. With a lifelong passion for the written word, she has made her career around writing. As a busy wife, mum and business owner, her passion is to be able to work at something that she loves while still keeping the other parts of her life in order!

Leanne is a qualified Proofreader and Copy Editor and uses her strong spelling and grammar skills to proofread and edit work. The Red Pencil clients range from students submitting papers to published authors.​

Red Pencil